MK Falcons Fund Raising

Anyone intrested in womens Ice Hockey in Milton Keynes can find info and posts relating to them in here.
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Hey everyone!!

MK Falcons are looking to start a new 'Lotto Bonus Ball' draw to help raise some additional funds that the club need. Post from their Facebook page:
The MK Falcons have been struggling this season financially, with reduced numbers, rising costs and without a current sponsor. We need to raise funds as a matter of urgency to enable us to see to the end of the season, and to this end we are looking at ways of fundraising.

We have just started a bonus ball competition, based on the Sat Lotto bonus ball draw.

You buy a number between 1-59, which costs £2 per week. (£26 collected quarterly).
Weekly winnings are £59 with £39 going to the clubs funds. If anyone is interested in buying a number to support the falcons please get in touch.
If anyone wants to get involved, sponsor the team or have any other fund raising ideas please drop them a message via Facebook.
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